Our goal is to deliver a high-quality, diverse and engaging educational program and learning environment to inspire our students to realise their full potential and find their place in our vibrant community and the world beyond. To help achieve this goal, we seek financial support from the school community through our annual fees and charges and the Brunswick Star Fund.

The Brunswick Star Fund is made up of three distinct funds that are governed by School Council and bound by Australian Tax Office fund rules. These funds help to fast-track strategic development in areas that support student opportunity, wellbeing and community.


Create and enhance learning, wellbeing and social spaces

Tax-deductible donations to our Building Fund allow us to realise ongoing upgrades to learning facilities and social spaces and larger projects, supporting current and future generations of students.



Acquire library resources and fund student clubs and activities

Tax-deductible donations to our Library Fund help us to acquire library resources, develop library spaces, host events and fund our diverse co-curricular program, clubs and activities.



Enrich student experiences and connectedness

At BSC, our aim is for our students to feel positive, connected and empowered. Donations to our Connect Fund help us deliver targeted projects to achieve this goal of enriching student experiences, opportunities and community.


Other ways to support 

Collaboration with our parent/carer community is highly valued. To achieve the best possible learning outcomes for our students, BSC actively pursues and promotes collaboration between staff, students, parents and carers. In addition to this, we seek and welcome community partners who can enhance and enrich our learning programs. Email us to contribute your time and/or services: brunswick.sc@education.vic.gov.au.

How to donate

There are three ways you can donate to the Brunswick Star Fund:

  1. Contribute to the Brunswick Star Fund when making your annual parent/carer payments.
  2. Make an online donation at any time of the year, using the links above.
  3. Make a donation of another amount to an individual fund or arrange ongoing donations or bequests. To make this possible, contact BSC’s Business Manager on +613 9387 6133 or email brunswick.sc@education.vic.gov.au.

A record of the donation will be emailed to you. All donations to the Building Fund and Library Fund in Australia of $2 or more are tax deductible for Australian taxpayers. If you have given to one or both of these tax-deductible funds, BSC will provide a receipt for your tax records.