Brunswick Secondary College is a co-educational Year 7-12 College.

Brunswick Secondary College has an overall enrolment of approximately one thousand students. The majority of students reside in Brunswick with a smaller number of students from outside the Brunswick area. The school has a Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program with an intake at Year 7 and an International Student Program.

The school offers a discipline-based curriculum, complemented by units of work which are cross-disciplinary and a wide range of elective subjects and enrichment programs. Our goal is to improve the achievement levels of individual students and specific cohorts through continuing to raise expectations and standards of learning.

To ensure that all students have access to the same high standards of teaching, staff develop curriculum and assessment tasks in teams. Teachers are committed to professional learning in order to improve their practice.

Supporting high academic standards is an emphasis on positive relationships and community. This places a strong value on student feedback to their teachers. There are diverse opportunities for parental involvement, student leadership and a rich array of extra-curricular activities. In our school the six values of teamwork, respect, excellence, achievement, persistence and responsibility underlie all relationships, planning and activities within the college.

At Brunswick Secondary College, we strive continually to provide the highest standards of student engagement and learning so that we can continue to be regarded by the Brunswick community as an excellent choice for its students. Brunswick Secondary College’s success can be measured by the steady increase in enrolment, reputation and results that has occurred over the past decade and through data analysis demonstrating a strong value-add to learning.

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