Pastoral care is the structures, practices and approaches that support the wellbeing and development of young people. (Calvert, 2009).

Home Group is where pastoral care comes to life at Brunswick Secondary College. Student Home Groups meet every week and classes have been intentionally embedded in the school timetable. Activities range from hands-on guidance and support for new students transitioning to life at BSC, right through to providing assistance with time-management, social issues and planning of learning pathways.

Home Group sessions provide an opportunity for promoting and maintaining a supportive environment and positive relationships for all members of the school community.

Through Home Group:

  • Teachers can care for, monitor, support and advocate for students
  • Students voice opinions and ideas, have input into their learning and are empowered to be active leaders in the class, the school and the community
  • Teachers can support goal setting, progress reflection and goal review
  • Teachers and students can promote personal growth and social development
  • Teachers and students can celebrate achievements

Every student in Year 7 to Year 12 participates in activities across the five areas of Community, Student Voice, Celebrate, Social and Emotional Learning and Achieving Goals. Local and international research describes these areas as being key to providing a rich and meaningful pastoral care program.

In some cases, the activities are the same or similar at each year level, for example the expectation that you have a year level Celebration Day at the end of the year. In other cases, activities differ markedly, and are developed to be suitable for different age groups and/or stages of development.