Overseas learning experiences are powerful tools and can be used to broaden and internationalise students’ outlooks as well as support language and humanities studies.

Victorian Young Leaders to China Program

The College continues to participate annually in the Victorian Young Leaders to China Program, offering Year 9 students the chance to enjoy a trip as part of a larger delegation. Taking advantage of this six week, immersive learning experience delivers significant learning outcomes for language studies as well as provides a unique opportunity for cultural exchange.

World Challenge

Bi-annually, selected Year 10 & 11 students embark on a three week, student-led World Challenge experience. In past years, our students have visited India, Africa, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Borneo. These trips focus on leadership skills, resilience and teamwork. Students must face the challenges of venturing into foreign landscapes and cultures, managing the logistics of budgets and travel, and actively contributing to a local, community-led initiative.  

Cultural Tours to China & Italy

These tours are bi-annual events.  Of two week duration, these staff-led experiences are available to students of all year levels. These tours offer a variety of cultural experiences alongside the opportunity for students to extend and enrich their language studies.