Families are requested to pay for essential resources, services and activities that are not funded by the government but are critical to the ongoing delivery of enriched educational opportunities and student support. We also rely on voluntary financial contributions to help resource our co-curricular programs and improve learning and well-being spaces.

Contributions & Charges

BSC’s School Council sets recommended parent/carer payments to directly fund additional education resources, services and activities considered essential to support the course of instruction in the standard curriculum program.

The fee payments comprise:

  1. Curriculum Contributions (Core & Individual Programs)
  2. Extra Curricular Items & Activities
  3. Non-Curriculum Items & Services
  4. Other Contributions & Donations – The Brunswick Star Fund

1. Curriculum Contributions

The Curriculum Contributions have both a Core Program and Individual Program component, which is dependent on the student’s year level and their choice of elective (Individual Program) subjects.

Core Curriculum Program 

All students in Years 7 to 12 are requested to pay the Curriculum Contribution ‘Core Program’ charge. This fee is the same for all students in that year level.

The Curriculum Contribution Core Program payment is as follows:

Level Core Program
Year 7 $470
Year 8 $470
Year 9 $258
Year 10 $212
Year 11 $212
Year 12 $212


Individual Curriculum Program 

All parent/carers of students in Years 9 to 12 are also requested to pay an ‘Individual Program’ charge. This charge is different for each student and is based on individual student’s course subject selections.

The Curriculum Contributions Individual Program payment is as follows: 

Level Individual Program *
Year 9 Between  $0- $75
Year 10 Between  $0- $90
Year 11 Between  $0 – $270
Year 12 Between  $0 – $220

*Excludes Outdoor Education programs 

Level Outdoor Education
Year 9 $400 – Bushwhacked
Year 10 $800 –  Early Start VCE Outdoor Education (Units 1 & 2)
Year 11 $800- VCE Outdoor Education (Units 3 & 4)


2. Extra-Curricular Items & Activities

BSC students enjoy an extensive range of programs and services offered in addition to the standard curriculum program funded by the government. These extra-curricular items and activities include:

  • Instrumental Music tuition and ensemble program – $250 per semester. Visit BSC Curriculum – Instrumental Music for more information.
  • Sports Program
  • Camps and tours
  • Excursions and incursions
  • Duke of Edinburgh Program

These programs and activities are provided in addition to the standard curriculum program and are offered to all students on a user-pays basis.


3. Non-Curriculum Items & Services

Non-Curriculum Items provided to all students include (but are not limited to) access to Compass Management software (including timetabling and Identification Cards) as well as Locker Services. These are considered essential to support the curriculum program at BSC.

Years 7 to 12 $50 per year


4. Other Contributions & Donations – The Brunswick Star Fund

Build, Discover & Connect

Voluntary donations to the Brunswick Star Fund help enrich student experiences and support vital developments to the school’s facilities and resources. Opportunities for donating include the following funds and associated projects:


Donations to the Building Fund help BSC realise ongoing upgrades to buildings and social spaces and larger projects, supporting current and future generations of students. Donations to the Building Fund are tax-deductible.


Donations to the Library Fund help BSC to acquire library resources, develop library spaces and fund our diverse student co-curricular program, clubs and activities. Donations to the Library Fund are tax-deductible.


At BSC, our aim is for our students to feel positive, connected and empowered. Donations to our Connect Fund help us deliver targeted projects to achieve this goal of enriching student experiences, opportunities and community.


If you are a current BSC family you can choose to contribute when making your annual parent/carer payments. Alternatively, you can make a donation to the Brunswick Star Fund at any time of the year.
Donate now


Payment support

We are committed to providing a fair and equitable payment system and have a Parent Payment Policy in line with Department of Education guidelines. We recognise some families experience financial difficulties. We offer payment arrangements and other support options to assist, including:

  • The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) which helps eligible families with covering the costs of school camps, excursions/incursions, sport and outdoor education programs. CSEF is provided by the Department of Education and is automatically paid to BSC family accounts. Families can apply directly via BSC.

You can find further details about a range of financial help for families here: https://www2.education.vic.gov.au/pal/financial-help-families/resources

Further details regarding Department of Education policy can be found here: Parent Payment Policy