The college’s annual Senior Subject Expo was conducted last week and we are pleased to have received so much positive feedback around this important event.

Students and families were invited to attend a range of virtual meetings, each meeting addressing a specific Learning Area subject.  Staff were on hand to field a range of questions regarding the subject pathways on offer to our senior students. Students were able to investigate their study options, ‘dropping in’ to different meeting rooms to participate in the discussions. 

This Expo was supported by the online BSC Senior Subjects website, where students can gain further insight into the demands of senior study by watching pre-recorded interviews in which current senior students explain what their subject pathways entail, show examples of their work and speak about their study experience. 

Together, the Senior Subject Expo, Senior Subject website and Senior Subject Handbook have provided clear, accessible and timely information to our students and their families, ensuring that they are well equipped to make informed decisions regarding their senior learning pathways.