The community of Brunswick Secondary College heartily congratulates the Graduates of 2021.

We are enormously proud of our Year 12 students, and the results they have achieved this year in their  VCAL , scored VCE  and non-scored VCE  studies.  

Throughout the challenges of the past two years, these students have demonstrated resilience, courage and commitment, supported by college staff wholly dedicated to their success. Parents, carers, extended families and friends of the Year 12 students have also played a vital role in supporting them through their final year at Brunswick Secondary College.

Further to this, we acknowledge the outstanding efforts and achievements of the following students:


Dux – Vy Vu

Vy earned an ATAR of 99.90 and a Study Score of 50 in her EAL subject.

These results reflect the determination and commitment to excellence that Vy has consistently demonstrated throughout her career at the college.

Not only has she excelled at an academic level,  Vy has also been an active member of the student community and a highly valued member of the Student Representative Council, having served the school community across a number of key SRC positions.

Madeleine Horner

Madeleine’s outstanding work in VCE English have been recognised with a study Score of 50 and an overall ATAR of  99.55.

While Madeleine has consistently contributed to the school community via performing arts and SRC, her commitment to excellence in academic study has been highly regarded by staff and peers throughout her time at the college.


Paul Ting

Paul earned a Study Score of 50 for his effort in Further Mathematics, with an overall ATAR of 98.85.

Along with his excellent academic results, he has also worked tirelessly within the student community since entering high school, not only in the role of School Captain 2021 but also contributing to a breadth of cocurricular and peer support programs and initiatives.


Odin Williams

We congratulate Odin on his VCE effort, earning an ATAR of 96.55.  Odin’s methodical and collaborative approach to his studies are reflected by this achievement.  His commitment and determination have been justly rewarded with this  excellent outcome.


Francis Boreham Delaney

High Work Practices, working collaboratively with her peers and teachers, as well as Frances’ commitment to putting in her very best effort  has been rewarded with her outstanding ATAR of 96.00. 


Ally Long

Hard work and dedication have rewarded Ally with a Study Score of 50 for her subject of Drama, and an ATAR of 93.65.

A consistent participant in various performing arts projects at the college, Ally has  provided leadership to junior students on SRC while setting an excellent example of high work practices across all of her academic studies.


Sabine Barnett – Year 11

 Sabine earned a Study Score of 50 for her outstanding work in  VCE Biology as part of her Year 11 studies.

Sabine’s exemplary work practices have ensured her success across all of her studies, and the reward of a perfect VCE study score is more than well deserved.