After a year long delay due to the pandemic, Riot Stage is back with a new work on stage. 

Riot Stage is ‘theatre about now’ – about contemporary life, contemporary issues, contemporary experiences, sharing the voices of a new generation. 

EVERYONE IS FAMOUS features the talents of Brunswick Secondary College alumni, Anna Elise Louey (School Captain 2016) and Amelia Newman (Graduate 2016), alongside others including current students Lilah Summers Dixon and Liam Trumble (pictured here)

All of these students have contributed significantly to the performing arts program at Brunswick Secondary College over their time at the school and have proved to be excellent ambassadors for the community; we wish them every success for this production.


The EVERYONE IS FAMOUS production follows 9 young folk as they wade through the wasteland of the internet to find themselves – and promises to be a great evening of entertainment!

Performances commence April 21 and continue until May 1, at the Northcote Town Hall venue.  Book your tickets HERE.