Community Solar Project
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In 2013, Brunswick Secondary College began the process of researching, sourcing and  fundraising toward our Solar Panel Project. Through the implementation of the “Generating Energy from our School, for our School” community solar project, BSC has been identified as showing leadership in education for sustainability and in establishing a model for other schools to follow. The Solar Panel Project demonstrates to our community that BSC has a genuine commitment to sustainability. While it is one of the most cost-effective and tangible options available to any organisation to improve their sustainability performance, it delivers more than just financial rewards. It also provides students with a working example of how we can reduce our carbon footprint and in turn encourages them to adopt behaviours and practices which further protect the environment.

The installation continues to provide savings to the school, and to further support the project we continue our commitment to identify and implement strategies (such as the installation of LED lighting solutions) to ensure that BSC operates on an energy efficient basis.  Brunswick Secondary College gratefully acknowledges the generous support from both within the school community as well as from interested parties from the wider community which has allowed the college to commit to the Solar Panel Project.
  • Since installation of the 25 kilowatt solar panels we have generated  23,000 kilowatt hours - on sunny days on the weekend,  (when the school is not consuming power) we have been very close to exporting energy to the grid! 
  • Along with reducing our carbon footprint, we are of course enjoying significant savings on electricity expenditure. We expect that the cost of the panels (covered by donations from the school and wider community) will be recovered in 8 to 10 years.  School electricity rates are much lower than domestic rates due to bulk buying by DEECD so payback time is longer.
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