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From Hari Petsios (Kia - Year 10 & Aaron - Year 12 2018)

Secondary school is a change, not only for our children but also for us as parents.  Our involvement can’t always be on a daily basis, or as directly in the classroom as it might have been in primary school.

It is, however, equally important - and our contribution (in whichever way we can offer it) enriches the school community and allows us to be part of our children's education.


Becoming involved in the school allows us to meet other parents, students and teachers and  gives us the opportunity to share our skills and our experience. Most importantly, our involvement lets our kids know we are still interested in their school.

There are many ways to be involved in Brunswick Secondary College.  Some of these may be the same as in primary school.  They include things like:

  • Taking part in Working Bees
  • Attending an excursion with your child’s class
  • Helping out at the school Trivia Night or Night Market
  • Joining the Parents Association or nominating for School Council
  • Attending subject and course selection evenings and wellbeing forums

Other ways to become involved may include:

  • offering transport to a debating or table tennis team
  • helping out with sets, props and costumes for next year’s production
  • volunteers are always welcome to help out at the various concerts, excursions and other special events
  • attend the school concerts (or productions) and support the many talented students at BSC
  • the things like participating in parent surveys, reading the newsletter and coming along to parent/student/ teacher interviews are ways to be involved and keep up with what is going on

Some opportunities to help out are a little bit different, but always welcome, and include:

  • speaking during Career Week about the path that you have chosen
  • offering a work experience placement to a Year 10 student
  • sponsoring a school activity
  • mentoring a student who has a special interest

To let the school know that you are interested in helping out contact the General Office.

The school relies on the payment of levies to be able to provide the extensive educational programs that are offered to students, so parents are encouraged to pay all levies by the end of Term 1. 

Finally, I would say, support the school to support your child.  Be interested in what your child is learning.  Encourage them and support them, and stay connected to them by staying connected with their school.

Hari Petsios, Parent