2016 College Dux, William Vo - ATAR 98.15.

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​At Brunswick Secondary College we take pride in the quality of teaching and the strong support we give to our VCE students. We congratulate the 2016 Year 12 class. We are delighted that their results are a clear expression of the effort the students have put into their studies and the quality of teaching that is a feature of our school.  The median study score of 29 was achieved as a reflection of strong results across the whole student cohort in all subjects. The highest ATAR was 98.15 with 16 students achieving an ATAR over 80 and 21 students achieving a study score of 40 and above.

These figures are one story,  but behind this is the determination of the students and teachers who have used every available minute and opportunity to learn and improve - bearing out our belief that while ability is one factor, consistent hard work has an even greater impact on success.

Congratulations to the class of 2016!

Our improvement in VCE results has been due to the persistent  and collaborative effort of teachers and students over a number years, as the table below demonstrates.

VCE Median Study Score
2008200920102011201220132014  20152016​