Class Size and Grouping
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Maintaining appropriate class sizes is very important for effective learning. Classes sizes are organised to be no larger than 26. Senior classes, particularly at Year 12, are often smaller. Students need to be part of a strong and supportive social group. Year 7 students are generally placed in a class with other students from their primary school. If there is no student from the same primary school we research the student’s needs to place them in a suitable group. Year 7 students are supported throughout their first year of secondary college by a team of highly committed Year 10 Peer Support Leaders.

Care is also taken to place new students enrolling in Years 8-12 in groups that will best support a smooth transition into their new school. All new students in these year levels  do an induction program called 'Right Start' which includes support by a buddy student from the same year level.

Our school has a very friendly and inclusive culture and students quickly make new friends.