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We believe that a school’s academic curriculum needs to be supported by an accompanying, staged and cohesive social and emotional curriculum. COGs (Community Growth Opportunity Success) classes are timetabled once each fortnight for all Years 7-12 students. These classes provide a space for the very important social and emotional learning needed by students in all year levels.

COGS sessions  strengthen year level identity and relationships. Students learn about how to develop positive relationships, develop positive wellbeing and mental health strategies, manage time and stress. be safe online and to make good decisions.



Students also have the opportunity to investigate career and pathway planning as well as to access a wide range of  community and online resources and support for young people.

COGS classes are based on our school values and specifically target the needs of students at different stages of adolescence.

OUR VALUES: Respect, Responsibility, Excellence, Achievement, Teamwork & Persistence