Student Representative Council
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The Student Representative Council  is a dynamic group - actively involved in contributing to discussion and decision-making around school issues. BSC is a stronger community for the inclusion of student voice from across all year levels.

SRC Executive

​The SRC Executive is made up of Senior School students elected to Student Captain positions, including the School Captains. Working closely with staff associated to their role, the students work to promote cocurricular activities, to assist on specific projects and to liaise between staff and the SRC members. They also undertake decisions around the initiation, planning and management of SRC events. Meeting weekly, the Student Captains actively seek opportunities to collaborate on projects to increase participation, using information and communication from the SRC General and SRC Year 7. In turn, the Executive are represented by the School Captains at School Council meetings, seeking support for events and regularly informing the Council of projects and outcomes. 

See below the members of the current Student Executive team.

​SRC General

​As part of the Cocurricular Program, students from across all year levels are invited to join the SRC  General and lend their voice to addressing student issues. Working in a support role to the Student Captains, they variously form subcommittees as required and are involved in the execution of many SRC initiatives and events, playing a vital role in promoting student engagement and involvement within the school community. Weekly meetings ensure continuous opportunities to raise and discuss student issues and concerns and to offer suggestions for change and improvements.  This information is then communicated to the Student Captains for discussion and action by the Executive.

​SRC Year 7Addressing the lack of Year 7 representation on SRC in recent years, BSC created the SRC Year 7 cocurricular activity in 2016 to ensure that Year 7 students feel comfortable and supported in adding their ideas to the collective student voice. This is an enthusiastic group who perform the same vital role as that of the SRC General, feeding inspiration and experience to the SRC Executive.


 SRC Student Executive 2017