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The many and varied  co –curricular  programs we provide at Brunswick SC are a valued part of students education and growth. It is often through these more unbounded learning opportunities that students discover and hone their special talent or interest. There are often surprises when students make the decision to try something entirely new  and we are always pleased to see so many of our students pursue the co- curricular activities they have enjoyed and learned at school after graduation.

Brunswick Secondary College students enjoy participating in the many interest based clubs offered at the school and greatly value the peer and teacher support offered at the weekly Homework Club,  Language Conversation Classes, English and EAL Clubs and Maths Help sessions.  Students can also participate in interest based clubs open to all year levels include Science, Philosophy, Book Club, Debating, Mooting, Environment, Art, Sport and Social Justice.
Please visit our Co-Curricular Activities page for more information and to see which clubs and activities are currently operating.

Our growing Performing Arts Learning area continues to go from strenth to strength, producing a whole-school musical once per year s well as a junior School Production (limited to students in Years 7 to 9). Students have the opportunity to study instrumental music, drama, voice and dance and experience may opportunities to perform to the school community and public throughout the year.

Our students are keen participants in the Interschool Sport Program with hockey, soccer and table tennis being the sports we have achieved the strongest results in at a state level.