High School Musical: On Stage

The response to our first musical, Fame (2013), was phenomenal: the school community embraced the opportunity to bring musical theatre to their audience. More than twice the number of students participated in the whole school production in 2014 than did in the previous year: this is testimony that performing arts has fast become an integral part of our school culture.  

High School Musical: On Stage! saw the cast (and crew!) sing and dance their way through a story about students finding their place in the world, cementing friendships and embracing their personal talents. Along the way, the characters learn to champion individuality and every person`s unique and invaluable contribution to the world. The energy and enthusiasm for the project and its message all but spilled from the stage - We`re All In this Together! has become an anthem for the BSC Performing Arts faculty!

"With each new school production at Brunswick Secondary College I am more and more swept away by the power of community. The cast, crew and production team work tirelessly to bring a production to stage - amidst much excitement, teamwork, laughter and the pure joy of working together." - Tracie Eastwood Director/Choreographer

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