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​At Brunswick Secondary College we are embracing the opportunity for our students to develop and demonstrate 21st century skills in the global community.  We live in a time of rapid and continuing technological change in ICT. In order to participate in a knowledge-based economy and be empowered within a technologically sophisticated society, students need ICT knowledge, skills and confidence.




Digital learning is an essential part of the curriculum program at Brunswick Secondary College and it is expected that every student attending the college will have their own computer device. To ensure that the 1:1 Device program is effective and to provide the best outcomes for our students,  Brunswick Secondary College supports a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program. BYOD means that students are able to bring to school a laptop device in order to access to the common BSC software platform.


All users of the BSC network are required to comply with the school's Acceptable ICT User Agreement for Internet, Online Services and Digital Technologies.

To acknowledge the agreement to comply with this agreement, Users must first read the Acceptable ICT User Agreement for Internet, Online Services and Digital Technologies and either confirm via the Compass Portal or print, sign and return the agreement to the General Office.  Devices will not be configured to the BSC network until this Agreement is confirmed.

Click HERE to read the agreement.


BSC's research shows that not all devices in the marketplace are suitable for use in the classroom, and with this in mind some baseline requirements are outlined to ensure compatibility with the school network and the BSC common software platform.

It is important that students and families understand that if you choose a device other than those recommended by BSC,  the school will not be able to configure your device and cannot be held responsible for this outcome. Choosing a recommended devices allows us to ensure that students have access to the BSC network.


To purchase a Microsoft Surface device through the BSC buying plan (at significant saving), just read and follow the instructions in the JBHifi Portal Instructions document.


 For further details, please read our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.