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Participating in music provides students with opportunities to have fun, be creative, make friends, foster understanding of other cultures, build performance skills, increase confidence and self-esteem as independent learners, gain teamwork and leadership skills, contribute to the school’s community via performance and enrich their lives generally with a deep understanding that can lead to lifelong appreciation and enjoyment of music.

Studying music can also lead to myriad professional options including performance, teaching, composing, audio engineering and management.

Scientific studies show that learning a musical instrument stimulates the brain in ways that nothing else does, so students with any career paths in mind can benefit significantly from learning music.

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Instrumental Music & Voice Tuition

Brunswick Secondary College has a team of ten specialist, professional, fully qualified music teachers. Instrumental and voice lessons are 36 - 48 minutes long and rotate through students’ timetables so that students miss only part of their main class and miss the same class only a couple of times each term. There is a fee for tuition plus a fee for instrument hire if necessary. Lessons are usually held in small groups of 2-6 students, depending on the instrument. Advanced students usually have one-to-one tuition.

To find out more about the Instrumental Music Program, read our Instrumental Music Handbook (online) or download the pdf copy below.

2018 IM Program Handbook Enrolment.pdf

To read the Instrument Music Program handbook online, click HERE.

To enrol online in the Instrumental Music program, click HERE.

Not sure which instrument to learn?

Students in Year 7 have a choice of enrolling for a full year or for one semester at a time, which allows them to try different instruments if they wish. Students are also permitted to learn more than one instrument at a time. Lessons may also commence in Semester Two, which provides new students with time to get settled into school routine before adding to their timetable. Early in Term 1 there will also be a Music Day in which students have the opportunity to try a variety of instruments. Instrumental tuition offered include:

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 For further information regarding subject choices and pathways, please investigate the Specialist Subject selections via either the Junior School or Senior School pages.