International Student Reflections
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Each International student has his or her unique story of studying in in Australia. Past and present Brunswick Secondary College International students share their reflections.

International Student Captain, 2015

Wen Xiang (Gary) Mao                                                                 

As we all know, BSC is a unique school with many different nationalities making up the student body. As Captain, my aim was to promote relationships between students from different nationalities and to develop respect and understanding for each other’s cultures. I believe the international student community is a powerful and positive team.


Sharing Cultures

Ki Yeon Kim

At Brunswick there were a lot of opportunities to be involved in the school.  I play the flute and performed in many concerts. A highlight was when I spoke about the flute to the primary school students who were coming to our school the next year. I also enjoyed being part of a group of International Students who performed a Fan Dance for the Mid Autumn festival.  I ws honoured ot be selected as International Student Captain, 2016.

Ki Yeon.jpg

Performing and Making Friends

Long( Kyle) Tran

I am proud to say that I am an International Student at BSC. When in Year 7, I was lucky enough to have a role in the Junior Production, and followed I participated in the whole school production of High School Musical. Performing in our shows is a great way to make new friends and develop relationships with people that share the same passion as you. I also found that it was a great help in developing my confidence in English langauge.
Kyle, Year  9, performing in High School Musical


Dux and now Maths Tutor

I graduated from  Brunswick Secondary College in 2013. I did three Maths subjects in my course- Specialist Maths, Maths Methods and first year University Maths. This year I am in my second year at the University of Melbourne studying Bio- Medicine but I am also back at Brunswick Secondary College two afternoons a week helping Year 11 and 12 Mathematics students. I really enjoy tutoring and helping other achieve their best.

Hai,  College Dux, 2013 at the BSC International Student Breakfast

Hai Rashi.jpg

Government House Welcome for International Students 

The Government House breakfast was a new and very educating experience for me. I found the opportunity to be amongst one of the selected international students present there for the welcome to be quite exciting as well as honourable. The speeches allowed me to understand the important position of international students in Victoria as well as the bright horizon ahead of us while living in Melbourne. . I consider it an honour to be invited to such an amazing and important event.

Shabeeh Haider Raza, International Student Captain, 2014 at ISPU Welcome Ceremony.

Shabee (2).jpg
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