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Job Notice Board - Vacancies

(For any job application, remember to use correct grammar and punctuation in all online applications, emails or letters and take a copy of your resume, dress neatly and speak clearly and politely when you visit or when talking to someone on the telephone - your first impression counts a lot)


The best way to apply for a job at KMART is to:
Prepare your resume
2. Complete a KMART Job Application Form and attach a copy of your resume
3. Visit the store you would like to work at and hand in the KMART job Application and resume to the Customer Service Desk. They will take it and contact you if/when they are looking for new staff.
 To find out what it is like to work at KMART visit


To apply for jobs at Woolworths you need to visit  and then do the following:

1. Create a Profile - click the "create a profile" button. This will start the application process and set up your profile. By applying this way, you are placing your name on their database and it will make job applications easier because your details are already there.

2. All positions are advertised on the Woolworths website so you need to check the website and apply to the position that you are interested in to be taken into consideration. If no positions are available in your area immediately then keep checking the website regularly to see if new positions come up.
To apply for jobs at Hoyts Cinemas you need to visit and apply online
To apply for jobs at McDonalds, you will first need to register  online at It is a good idea to read the "Join Us" page first and then set up your account by clicking the "Apply Now" button.
 To apply for Team Member jobs at KFC , you need to first register online at


To apply for jobs at Coles you need to visit and then do either of these two things:

1. Pre-register and create a Profile - click on the "submit" button under "Express Your Interest"
Read the "Expressions of Interest" for part-time/casual positions and then click on the "APPLY" button at the bottom of the advertisement. By applying this way, you are placing your name on their database and you may be contacted by Coles if a suitable vacancy opens up in your area. If there are no jobs available immediately, you should continue to regularly do a job search on the website for new positions that might become available.

2. To search and apply for a particular job - click on the "Search for a Job" (you can search by location, work type etc) and then if find a suitable position then click the apply button and go through the process as indicated on the website.
 JOB SEARCH WEBSITES: For a broader range of employment opportunities, full time, part-time, or apprenticeships/traineeships etc. try searching for all sorts of jobs throughout Australia - job search
Woolworths Carlton - looking for young people who are passionate about retail and providing exceptional customer service for casual work, no previous employment history required. Contact or visit the store and ask for Mitch or Lexi at the Service Desk and they will help you out with next step. Woolworths Carlton Ph: 8347 5891, 368-380 Lygon Street, Carlton