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Parents, guardians and family members can play an important role in helping guide a student's exploration of careers of interest. It is important that students have someone they can talk to about their thoughts and ideas, without judgement, and to discuss the pros and cons of the various options that they have available to them. This may be yourselves as a parent or guardian or it may be teachers, friends, counsellors or other people and the process of working through the information and requirements is what will help a student make a choice that fits in with their future aspirations.
Communication is really important and encouraging your child's enthusiasm for exploring career options is vital. Young people respond well to casual conversations about careers so be ready when they ask questions about life after school. 
EPICC - Engaging Parents in Career Conversations Workshops
BSC offers language-specific careers information workshops from time to time, tailored for families from the diverse range of language backgrounds. Thanks to a project funded by Centre for Multicultural Youth the school was able to develop translated resources for these workshops. Throughout 2014 and 2015 workshops have been held for Mandarin, Persian, Somali, Arabic and English speaking families. We also have provision for Vietnamese families.
Below are the presentations showing the slides translated and the sample Resource booklet incorporates a translated activity sheet, sample Career Action Plan, useful websites and resources which are explained during the workshops. Interpreters are also available at the time of the workshop to assist with translation of the presentation.
EPICC Persian Presentation             EPICC Somali Presentation            EPICC English Presentation                  EPICC Resource Booklet 
Other useful resources for parents are provided below.